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I have trained and practiced as a Pediatrician, Hematologist-Oncologist, Psychiatrist and Child Psychiatrist, and have experience in Developmental Pediatrics. With this background and experience, I am comfortable and familiar with adult and child psychiatric and medical issues, as well as their frequent overlap.My approach to problems is logic based, and tailored to fit the needs of those under my care. Where possible and necessary, I make use of outside resources, such as neurologists, therapists, school based programs and neuropsychological testing. Despite being a physician, I understand that not all problems can or must be addressed by medication, and that psychiatric diagnoses are often subjective.
I am also a former university professor, and winner of the UCLA Teacher of the Year Award. Thus, in addition to diagnosis, treatment and referral of psychiatric problems, teaching is an integral part of my practice. This can encompass illness (and wellness) education, working with the patient and family to design a treatment plan, coordination of care with other providers, web based research on diseases and treatments, and web based resources for patient support and self-education.
I have taught or been educated at such institutions as the University of Chicago, New York University, Cornell University and UCLA.  My training and experience is both wide and deep.
If you have any questions or concerns about my background, experience or approach to care, I encourage you to ask at any time.